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                                  Hier gibt's Musik umsonst und einige interessante Links dazu





aintwe.mid aktex.mid always.mid alwaysonmymind.mid beauty.mid
Ave Maria blackmagic.mid browneye.mid Candle97.mid call me.mid
change world.mid comesail away.mid dont fearthe.mid don't worry.mid dreamlover.mid
dreams.mid enya_b1.mid enya1.mid every breathe.mid evil ways.mid
father's eyes.mid fellove.mid flower.mid forrest.mid forever.mid
Friendsh.mid from a distance.mid funfunfun.mid Grease.mid heart of glass.mid
moonlight Toccata und Fuge Levon.mid love and smile. mid Midi.mid
more than.mid myheartwillgoon(1).mid bberdock Summerplace prettywm.mid
St. Elmos.mid sea.mid Flintstones sweetdreams.mid tbeer.mid
that's what friends are for.mid TheRose.mid tomorrow.mid valentine.mid wish you were here.mid
wonderful tonight.mid wonderfulworld.mid world's.mid you are the one.mid yrag.mid



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Links zu entsprechenden Webseiten


Grapholina's Music Files

Jacks - Shak eine der größten Midisammlungen

The Midi Station


Midi Haven

Weitere Links zu Midis


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