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         Thanks For Being a Friend

            You have touch someone's heart and they're
            Thanking you for what you did.  You are the most percious thing
            that they can think of right now.  Making someone feel special is
            not an easy task, but you did it.  And congrats to you for recieving
            This Thank You for Being a Friend.  And that's what you are........
            A Friend......

            If you think someone else has done something nice to you and
            you just can't seem to get the right time to send them a Thank  
            You not well, here it is.  Send this one to them! Make sure they   
            know that you really appreciate what  hey've done for you.....


            I know you'll understand me when I say
            That having you for a friend has
            helped me be a better person
            It's nice to know that you accept me as I am,
            And that you value me in your life
            I guess that's why I look forward so much
            To the times we spent together
            Just talking about anything at all
            You make me feel good about life,
            Even when it gets a bit rough
            Thanks for all the sharing
            Your friendship is and always will be,
            Tthe really wonderful things in my life are you, Waltraud....



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